International contest «Landscape fashion – 2020»

Project of garden «Euphoria»

Contest is finished
Design project of a garden

Taking in the aroma of herbs, surrounded by the bright colors
of a summer flower garden warmed by the rays of the August sun,
it brought me into a state of light euphoria, a real celebration of life.

A single harmonious and functional space, the dream of many.

The garden, located right next to the forest, is divided into several zones, including a vegetable garden, an apple orchard, a relaxation place with a pool and a sports ground. A few mature trees, at the end of the plot, it was decided to save, thus a small piece of forest was formed, which was supplemented by rhododendrons, viburnum, blueberries and lingonberries.

A linden alley separates the main open space from the hidden forest zone, forming another place for relaxation, where on a hot summer day, you can retire to a small pond, the source of which is a pool with a waterfall, connected by a narrow ditch that runs along the entire avenue.

The relaxation area by the bathhouse was supplemented with a pergola with hanging furniture and an outdoor fireplace, located on a large terrace by the pool, decorated with flowerbed with Pinus mugo.

A large pink flower garden, reaching its peak of decorativeness in the last summer months, combines the two parts of the garden. Communication with him is connected with his name. The apple orchard and the vegetable garden, due to the repetition of blocks of Molinia caerulea and elements of the concrete path, are perceived as one.

The project uses several types of coatings at once: clinker pavers, gravel, wooden terraces and step-by-step paths made of concrete slabs.

Planting an array of Pinus mugo and Molinia caerulea, as well as a flower garden using meadow herbs and cereals are a characteristic feature of modern gardens.

Design method — «Free module». One source of inspiration is the work of the English architect William Kent (1685 - 1748). The picturesque ditch in the Watery Walk Rousham Park House impressed me a lot. Good design is timeless.

The main task in creating this project was to convey the feeling of a cozy, light open space, combining multifunctionality.

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